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Author Guidelines


Papers are invited from anywhere in the world, and so authors are asked to ensure that sufficient context is provided for all readers to appreciate their contribution.

Types of papers

The types of papers that may be considered for inclusion are:

  1. Original research;
  2. Short communications and;
  3. Review papers, which include meta-analysis and systematic review; and
  4. Interview papers

How to submit your manuscript

All manuscripts should be submitted online at

General Guidelines

1.Use the Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan (JIP) guide (download) as template.

2.  The manuscript has never been published / published on other media, typed in 1.5 spaces on A4 paper as many as 10-20 pages, two columns are completed with abstracts of 100-15 words and keywords. Manuscripts are sent to editorial addresses in the form of hard copy and soft copy (CD) in Microsoft word files.
3. The manuscripts contained in this journal include writing about: policy, research, thought, review theory / concept, new book reviews and other information relating to teaching and education issues.
4. The research article contains: Title, author's name, Abstract, keywords and contents. The content of the article has a structure and system as well as the percentage of pages as follows:
a. Introduction includes: Background, problem formulation, and research objectives (10%)
b. The literature review includes: Study of theory and the results of relevant previous studies (15%)
c. The research methodology contains: design / model, sample / data, place and time, data collection techniques and data analysis (10%)
d. Results and discussion (50%)
e. Closing contains: conclusions and suggestions (15%)
f. Bibliography
5. Articles of thought, review of theories / concepts and book risks include: title, author's name, abstract, keywords and contents. The content of the article has a structure and system as well as the percentage of pages as follows:
a. Introduction includes: background, problem formulation and research objectives (10%)
b. Literature review or discussion / theory / concept development (60%)
c. Closing contains: conclusions and suggestions (30%)
d. Bibliography .
5. The reference library is presented following procedures such as the following example and sorted alphabetically and chronologically :

Fraizer, L. 2002. Multicultural Education: Handbook of Research, New York, Banks. Inc.

Haryono, 2002. Kecendrungan cara berpikir anak usia sekolah dasar, Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan, No. 1. Vol. XVIII, 130 – 143


One author should be designated as corresponding author and provide the following information:

  1. E-mail address
  2. Full postal address
  3. Telephone and fax numbers

Please note that any papers which fail to meet our requirements will be returned to the author for amendment. Only papers which are submitted in the correct style will be considered by the Editors.